Specify the originating port when connecting to a mysql server.

Ion-Mihai Tetcu itetcu at apropo.ro
Mon Feb 9 03:15:28 PST 2004

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On Mon,  9 Feb 2004 12:39:16 +0200 "csalan at xnet.ro" <csalan at xnet.ro>

> Hello,
> And please excuse me for sending previous mail without Subject.
> Is it possible to specify the originating port when connecting to a
> mysql server? The problem I have is that the box from which I wish to
> connect using some script have some ports firewalled, and I want to
> avoid them. Thank you.

You are connecting with mysql client or something other ?

If the server is local and you're using mysql you can try to connect 
Employ the specified socket file for connecting to the  database server.

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