how do I remove Apache installs?

anubis anubis357 at
Sun Feb 8 23:55:30 PST 2004

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004 11:45 am, Marty Landman wrote:
> I don't see where this is covered in the FreeBSD Handbook. I have a couple
> of Apache installs (1.3 & 2) and would like to remove them from my system.
> And then start over again. How is this sort of thing normally done?

Really depends on how you installed them.
Portupgrade, package, port, or native source?

I assure you that there is lots written in the handbook about software.
See section 4.4-4.7

In addition to this start reading here.  man portupgrade
have a look at the "see also" section at the end and keep on reading.

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