QMail? - additional thoughts

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Sun Feb 8 21:33:49 PST 2004

Hi Brian,

--On Sunday, February 08, 2004 11:57:16 PM -0500 Brian McCann 
<bjm1287 at rit.edu> wrote:

> I don't know what you mean by "speaking SMTP".  If you are referring to
> sending the correct SMTP "commands" to tell it HELO/OLEH or whatever, I
> don't even get that far.  It literally connects, then right away
> disconnects...I don't even get the usual SMTP banner.  I'm going to
> check out that link though, thanks!

Sorry Brian, getting tired.

Here is the correct telnet connection... Missed a part..

To test your SMTP server.. with telnet..

telnet 25  (or your machine IP address)

response   trying 127...
         Escape char...

you type  helo homer

response 250 domain

you type   mail from:<you at domain>

response 250 ok

you type  rcpt to:<you at domain>

response 250 ok

you type   data

response 354 go ahead

you type   Subject : a test

you type   this is a test.

you type . <-- (that's a period)

response 250 okay ...

you type  quit

response 221 domain ..

response connection closed by foreign host

Now, if you get an error on the telnet commands, such as "Unable to connect 
to remote host: Connection refused"

if you get this... your SMTP service is not properly configured.


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