Brian McCann bjm1287 at rit.edu
Sun Feb 8 21:03:12 PST 2004

	When I run that, I get "zsh: no matches found:
/service/*/log"...which I expected since there are no files in /service
since it does not exist.  From the output I sent you I would assume it's
running correctly, but when I do a "ps -ax | grep smtpd", I get: 47858
p1- I      0:00.03 supervise smtpd.  I'm assuming something did not get
linked correctly...the whole daemontools thing is very new to me.  I
think I may just rollback everything I've done so far and start
over...just a waste of time, but at least I may understand it better
using that site you sent me.


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Hi Brian,

--On Sunday, February 08, 2004 11:42:07 PM -0500 Brian McCann 
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> Ok...sendmail isn't running...and below is the result of "svstat 
> /var/service/*/log"...it's under /var since that's where the tutorial 
> said to put it...before I really knew what I was doing.

That's the first mistake, not putting it under /service, but you may be 
able to get away with it...

> /var/service/pop3d/log: up (pid 47863) 533524 seconds
> /var/service/qmail/log: up (pid 47867) 533524 seconds
> /var/service/smtpd/log: up (pid 47865) 533524 seconds

You missed the more important item I mentioned..  svstat /service/* as

> What is the output of svstat /service/*  and
> svstat /service/*/log

I need to see if SMTP, etc are running properly...


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