Making an ISO fails

Loren M. Lang lorenl at
Sun Feb 8 06:44:51 PST 2004

I have been trying to make an iso of some dvds, an cdroms by just
copying the file /dev/acd0c, but most of the time it seems to fail with
an i/o error.  I underestimated the size of a 6G dvd and ran out of
disk space before it was through, though it got to nearly 4G.  After
freeing enough diskspace an trying again I couldn't copy more than
several hundre megs before it got an i/o error.  Removing and
reinserting the dvd doesn't seem to help.  I can successfully copy the
dvd by mounting it and copying all the files, but I'd prefer a straight
copy of the iso image.  I've had various problems doing so with
different cd/dvds, and I also had a similar problem on linux.  Since
some cd/dvds work fine, and I can always successfully read it when it's
mounted, why don't all cd/dvds allow a straight copy of the iso image?

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