need server motherboard with serial console

Michael W. Oliver michael at
Sat Feb 7 13:08:59 PST 2004

Hi BSDers, I need some guidance from you.  I need to build a couple of
headless machines, and though I have done headless boxen many times, I
haven't yet worked with one that had a motherboard that supports a
serial console.

I Googled for a bit and found mention of one from Asus (the TR-DLS), but
the particular board is a little dated.  I would like to have something
that could support a proc of at least 2.5Ghz as well as at least 1GB of
RAM.  On-board IDE RAID would be the clincher.  This machine will be
running RELENG_4_9, so a track record of stability is highly desirous.
I like Intel chipsets, but if you tell me that it is stable, then VIA or
SIS or Serverworks will work, too.

If you would like to resond to me directly, I can post a summary of the
findings later.  It's up to you :-)

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

perl -e 'print unpack("u","88V]N=&%C=\"!I;F9O(&EN(&AE861E<G,*");'

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