Repeated connection attempts in daily output

Colin Raven me at
Sat Feb 7 01:22:10 PST 2004

Greetings all,
In my daily security run output the last few days I'm getting hundreds of
connection attempts from this particular IP as shown:

Connection attempt to TCP from

All appear to be unsuccessful BTW.

Traceroute shows this to be a Mediacom customer, somewhere I think in the
DC or related area, not that it matters - but in the spirit of prudent

The well known ports number list from shows port 1519 as follows:
vpvd            1518/udp    Virtual Places Video data
vpvc            1519/tcp    Virtual Places Video control

but there's no mention of 6881.

0x02 are - I guess - command switches or flags of some kind, though I
don't know what they are.

Has anyone seen this specific pattern of attempted connections on these
port numbers before?? I'm blocking this IP at my firewall of course but
curiosity compels me to ask the question nonetheless.

Regards & TIA,

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