5-Button Trackball

Dan Nelson dnelson at allantgroup.com
Fri Feb 6 19:21:30 PST 2004

In the last episode (Feb 06), Jeff Elkins said:
> I'm using a 5-button Microsoft Trackball/Explorer (a gift) that
> functions perfectly under Debian Unstable/KDE3.1
> I copied the Debian X settings to my BSD XFree86 config file, which
> added ZAxis and Buttons settings:
> Section "InputDevice"
>       Identifier "Mouse0"
>       Driver     "mouse"
>       Option "Protocol"        "auto"
>       Option "Device"          "/dev/sysmouse"
>       Option "ZAxisMapping"    "4 5"
>       Option "Buttons"         "5"
> EndSection
> but only three of the buttons are functional. Are there any tips for
> making this beast work with FreeBSD 5.2?

You probably need to say you have 7 buttons: the five physical buttons,
and two more for the wheel up/down events.  Try setting ZAxisMapping to
"6 7".  I don't know if X is hardcoded to think buttons 4 and 5 are
wheel buttons or not.  If it is, you can shuffle the button mappings
around with moused -m.  moused -df (console) and xev (X) are handy for
debugging button and wheel problems.

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at allantgroup.com

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