Keyboard not detected on install.

David Murray dlmurray at
Fri Feb 6 16:14:53 PST 2004

         I have an old IBM PS-2 keyboard.  When trying to load FreeBSD 
(any version) from CD
there is no response to keyboard actions.  I get to where I'm asked what 
I want to do by using
the arrow keys and there is no response.  I try to exit and try again 
and there is no response.
I can't get a response to control-alt-delete.  I have to shut the box 
off to try installing again.
The hardware is ok because my Linux and OS2 drives work beautifully.  
How do I trouble
shoot when one of my major trouble shooting tools is out of comission?  
Is this enough info?
I looked through the manual and the handbook and there were no 
references to this problem.
I saw nothing in the e-mail archive, either. Any advice?   Thank you.

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