Howto umount a cdrom as non-root?

Edd Barrett edd at
Fri Feb 6 08:55:20 PST 2004

well i get permission denied. I cant paste the output here, because im at
work. tomorrow I will post up the exact output. I will check all my
permissions etc to make sure im not being dumb first.

version is 5.2-release
dir trying to mount is /home/edd/cdrom1
/dev/acd0 is chmod 777 (for testing purposes)

Will get back to you tomorrow lowell.

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> "Edd Barrett" <edd at> writes:
> > I have used vfs.usermount=1 to allow users to mount the cdrom in a dir
> > thier home dir. What is the most proper and secure method of doing so.
> > possible without the use of sudo or chmod +s.
> If the users can mount the disk, they should be able to umount it as
> well.  [I just checked; it works for me, on both -STABLE and
> -CURRENT.]  This is not occurring on your system?  What version?  What
> *does* happen when the user tries the umount?

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