to let dhclient renew ip address

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Fri Feb 6 08:49:00 PST 2004

"Zhang Weiwu" <weiwuzhang at> writes:

> I am using a notebook (5.2 on a Thinkpad T40). Sometimes I move it
> from one room to another (managed by different dhcp server), and I
> cannot figure out a fast way to tell the dhclient(8) to renew my
> address. I read the manuals. It seems the only way I can do is to:
> weiwu>su
> (su to root)
> #setenv interface fxp0
> #setenv reason RENEW
> #dhclient-script
> (.... dhclient output)
> Isn't there a faster way to do it? I am courious why not dhclient be
> designed to just renew the address upon receiving a signal, say INT?

According to dhclient(8), OMAPI is used for this sort of
functionality, and omshell(1) should be able to do this kind of
manipulation (including "suspending" the agent instead of stopping
it).  You do need to set up authentication first, even for local use.
Otherwise, you can always just kill and restart the dhclient.

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