VMWare licensing file problem.

Sean Welch welchsm at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 6 07:08:39 PST 2004

Version 2 of VmWare is no longer sold so the evaluation license you got is
most likely for version 4 (which does not run on FreeBSD yet).  The confusion
results from the fact that with version 2 you got a license file but starting with
version 3 (which DOES run under FreeBSD) you are only supplied with a "key"
which is to be entered into a form in the VmWare gui once it has been started
(there is a register menu or some such).

I'm affraid you are out of luck with vmware2 unless you can manage to locate
a license file somewhere.

It is still possible to find boxed copies of version 3 online (check ebay and such)
and that version will run on either 4-STABLE or 5.1 and higher.  I'm currently
running it under a patched 4.9-RELEASE and also under 5.2-RELEASE.



> Hi everybody.
> I have a problem with the vmware licensing file
> after installing the vmware2 port.
> I've received an e-mail with the evaluation key, copied it into 
> /home/user/.vmware, named it license2.0 but it don't seem to work.
> The message I get is that there is no valid license for this version of 
> VMware workstation.
> After checking at vmware's website and reading troubleshooting 
> instructions, it seems like there should have been an atachment with a 
> licencefile to the mail I received, but there was none. 
> Just a 30 days evolution license-key.
> Anybody have any clues ?
> Regards
> Geir Svalland

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