VMWare licensing file problem.

Geir Svalland g.svalland at telia.com
Fri Feb 6 06:10:09 PST 2004

Hi everybody.
I have a problem with the vmware licensing file
after installing the vmware2 port.
I've received an e-mail with the evaluation key, copied it into 
/home/user/.vmware, named it license2.0 but it don't seem to work.
The message I get is that there is no valid license for this version of 
VMware workstation.
After checking at vmware's website and reading troubleshooting 
instructions, it seems like there should have been an atachment with a 
licencefile to the mail I received, but there was none. 
Just a 30 days evolution license-key.
Anybody have any clues ?

Geir Svalland

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