desktop freebsd??

Edd Barrett edd at
Fri Feb 6 03:29:30 PST 2004

Hi all,
I have been using freebsd for my web/database/music server for a while and
it has performed flawlessly. good good! However recently I installed freebsd
on my desktop too. I can do the things I want to, it just seems that i need
to be root to do a lot of things. If I didnt have root, I would be screwed.

One point I find annoying is that I cant workout how a normal user can
unmount a fs. I have created ~/cdrom and put an fstab entry in for it. The
device is /dev/acd0 (777 for now). vfs.usermount=1. I can mount the share,
but not unmount it. For now I have chmod +s /sbin/umount. This is bad and i
wouldnt appreciate a normal user unmounting my hard disks. What is the
proper way?? My version is 5.2-release.

Also is there any guides online that tell you how freebsd can be configured
as a desktop machine?


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