Freebsd on a usb pen drive ,, bootable?

Sweetleaf sweetleaf at
Thu Feb 5 20:42:39 PST 2004

Has anyone installed freebsd to a usb pen drive,, boot from pen drive
etc..? I have a 256 mb. cigar pro-2 usb pen drive and i would like to use
it to carry a small freebsd operating system with me and be able to boot
from it. I would also like to pull out the hard drive in my firewall and
replace it with a pen drive,, have it boot and run from the pen drive
would be nice and since after boot everything "most things" would run
from ram i dont see a problem with speed. Its this dam booting thing that
has me stumped.  I loaded freebsd 5.2, it recognized the pen drive during
boot from the cd ,,the only drive on the system to avoid confusion,, and
it was available to the system as da0. I successfully setup partitions
and such, installed a standard minimal base install....everything went
fine and rebooted at the end as usual. Ok so in my bios i set to boot
from usb-hdd....usb-fdd....usb-zip ,, and nothing. I have another
computer with usb-hdd in the bios so i tried it on that,, its a award
bios,,, it did seem to do something on the usb-hdd setting as it showed
"FREEBSD -- F1" like it does with first starting my regular desktop with
5.2 but it does nothing and the computer only beeps if i press F1 enter
or anything really. Has anyone done this before, i could sure use some
help with this.

Thanks and have a great day.
  sweetleaf at

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