switching to an internal DSL modem -- natd, ipfw

mi+mx at aldan.algebra.com mi+mx at aldan.algebra.com
Thu Feb 5 16:14:11 PST 2004


My current network setup consists of the ISP-provided DSL-modem plugged
into the little switch together with the rest of the network. One of the
machines on the runs natd and the others use it as the default router.

To get better protection I should be using a separate Ethernet card, into
which only the modem will be plugged in. This is not as convenient from
the cabling prospective, however.

But what about an internal modem? Like


It seems, en(4) should be able to use it and it should be able to connect
to the ISP -- their modem is the Efficient Network's SpeedStream, which
uses the same chip, most likely:

	Hardware Interface Name  - SpeedStream 5660-R:ENI
	Hardware Interface Desc  - Motorola 850 SAR Alcatel/RT Adapter
	Hardware Serial Number   - [...]
	Hardware Revision Number - 00010001
	Hardware Instance Number - 0
	Driver Name              - enatm0

	(notice the ``en'' in the driver name)

But -- will natd(8), the ipfw (4) and (8) work properly with en0? Any
other potential problems? Thanks!


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