Help with using wv2 application.

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Thu Feb 5 15:19:43 PST 2004

The FBSD Wv2 has 32 dependant ports. There is no way I am going to
fight my way through cvsup-ing all those config files and then
download the 32 sources and compile each one, just to find out it's
broken also. Thats the whole reason I used the package collection.
So I guess you are saying the FBSD wv2 package is broken and I
should submit an PR and email the maintainer directly.  says it's an very small source with
command line options and it does not have any dependants, so I do
not understand just what all that FBSD dependant stuff is for. Sure
looks like overkill, or an very major screw up. Who ever ported this
sure was out in left field and there was no one monitoring their
handy work to verify it was done correctly. And what about some kind
of  intended use and overview description. The 5 word description is
useless.  An much better job has to be done that that. I see the
same problem with many other ports.  What good is an inventory of
9600 ports when there is no information to explain to the installer
how to get started. My ESP just is not that good.

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On 02/05/04 03:35 PM, JJB sat at the `puter and typed:
> Rebuilt locate db and no  wvWare.
> Only wv file is wv2-config.

Are you sure you have it installed?
$ locate wvWare

If you don't have wvWare in /usr/local/bin you might want to try
installing it from the port (/usr/ports/textproc/wv).

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