Peter Risdon peter at
Thu Feb 5 12:34:11 PST 2004

Greg Wilson wrote:

>I reference these two documents, where you have publish my private correspondance. 
This was obviously inadvertent, but as has been pointed out you mailed a 
mailing list, not an individual, and so your correspondence has never 
been private. We all read it as soon as you sent it out.

The fact that this is a mailing list is made very clear on the FreeBSD 

All mails sent to this list are archived (and mirrored around the world) 
automatically, and this is a necessary and important part of the way 
these lists function. It means an archive (which is searchable) builds 
up as a point of reference, so people who are dealing with problems and 
issues can refer to it. Also, there's some chance that questions won't 
be asked over and over again. Again, this is made clear on the FreeBSD 
website. Indeed, you can search the archives right there.

 From time to time people do send inappropriate messages to the list. 
Frankly, most subscribers would prefer it if they didn't. Your mail was 
in this category. Inappropriate mails waste people's time. You are, in 
effect, asking someone to waste more time.

> I am writing to ask you to remove these documents which were published with out my consent.
IANAL, but I'd have thought that the act of sending a mail to a public, 
open, archived forum constitutes consent to the contents of that mail 
being displayed in a public, open, archived forum.

>Please tell me when they are removed,
The horse left the stable when you first posted the mails. I can't see 
that any harm has been done. But if it has, it happened when you sent 
the mails. Perhaps you could consider this to have been a learning 


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