FreeBSD 4.9 on i386, using Generic Mapping Tools, calloc

Howard G Bundock bundock at
Thu Feb 5 11:30:06 PST 2004

I am running GMT on a FreeBSD i386 with 2GB physical memory and 6GB total 
swap space. Queries to the system show that I am truly running with that 
amount of memory (sysctl hw.physmem and top to see swap space.) My GMT 
script bombs when the grdproject program tries to allocate less than 100MB 
of memory (23049601 x 4bytes)! Even if I am forgetting about something in 
this calculation, it is 20 times less memory than what exists on the 

Is there a sysctl variable that I need to adjust, like a vm.??? or vfs.??? 
Is "calloc" the problem? I'm stumped. 

GMT code that is running when Fatal Error occurs -

This is a routine, gmt_support.c, that is used by many  of the GMT 

void *GMT_memory (void *prev_addr, size_t nelem, size_t size, char 
        void *tmp;

        if (nelem == 0) return(VNULL); /* Take care of n = 0 */

        if (prev_addr) {
                if ((tmp = realloc ((void *) prev_addr, (size_t)(nelem * 
size))) == VNULL) {
                        fprintf (stderr, "GMT Fatal Error: %s could not 
reallocate more memory, n = %d\n", progname, nel
                        exit (EXIT_FAILURE);
        else {

                if ((tmp = calloc ((size_t) nelem, (unsigned) size)) == VNULL) {
           fprintf (stderr, "GMT Fatal Error: %s could not allocate 
memory, n = %d, %d\n", progname, nelem, size);

                        exit (EXIT_FAILURE);
        return (tmp);

Fatal Error -

grdimage: Allocates memory and read data file
grdimage: Allocates memory and read intensity file
grdimage: project grdfiles
grdimage: New grid size (nx,ny) 4801 by 4801
GMT Fatal Error: grdproject could not allocate memory, n = 23049601, 4

man page for calloc -

The calloc() function allocates space for number objects, each size bytes
     in length.  The result is identical to calling malloc() with an 
     of ``number * size'', with the exception that the allocated memory is
     explicitly initialized to zero bytes.

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