cron timing out

Schimcek, Derrick DSchimcek at
Thu Feb 5 09:21:01 PST 2004

I am running the f-prot anti-virus update script and it was timing out half way through the script
* F-Prot Antivirus Updater            *

Nothing to be done...

* F-Prot Antivirus Updater            *

There's a new version of:
"Application/Script viruses and Trojans" signatures on the web.
Starting to download...
Download completed.

Preparing to install Application/Script viruses and Trojans signatures.
Wed Nov 19 10:00:00 CST 2003
* F-Prot Antivirus Updater            *
it was stopping after a certain amount of time it seemed but if you ran it through the command line it would run properly so I though something was wrong and wrote my own pearl script to do the same thing with checksum and ftp as opposed to http which the f-prot one was written in. and it exhibits the same behavior it works correctly on the command line

Thu Feb  5 10:17:19 CST 2004
  inflating: SIGN.DEF
  inflating: SIGN2.DEF
  inflating: MACRO.DEF
  inflating: MACRO.ASC
SIGN.DEF is a duplicates!
SIGN2.DEF is a duplicates!
MACRO.DEF is a duplicates!

but when I run it through cron it exhibits the same behavior as the first scripts
I am calling the system and running the date command before it downloads the files so it looks like it is timing out during the file download
Thu Feb  5 00:00:00 CST 2004
Thu Feb  5 01:00:00 CST 2004
Thu Feb  5 02:00:00 CST 2004
Thu Feb  5 03:00:00 CST 2004
Thu Feb  5 04:00:00 CST 2004
Thu Feb  5 05:00:00 CST 2004
Thu Feb  5 06:00:01 CST 2004
Thu Feb  5 07:00:01 CST 2004
Thu Feb  5 08:00:00 CST 2004
Thu Feb  5 09:00:00 CST 2004
Thu Feb  5 10:00:00 CST 2004

I don't think it is the perl script but if anyone needs to see it I will post the script. any help would be appreciated

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