FreeBSD +Samba +OpenLDAP as a Primary Domain controller

KURT BUFF kurtbuff at
Thu Feb 5 03:32:22 PST 2004

Hi All,

I'm trying to setup
FreeBSD5.2+Samba3.0.1+OpenLDAP2.1.26 as a Primary
controller. It has been 2 weeks I'm working with it
and still not function
very well. I'm looking for step-by-step on how to
FreeBSD5.2+Samba3+OpenLDAP2.1.25 as a Primary Domain
controller can any body
help to guide me.

Assuming that you're wanting to emulate an NT4 PDC, this article, while a
bit dated, may prove to be of some use. It's more oriented towards Linux,
but what the heck, it's worth a shot...

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