Installing 5.2 Trouble on 486 with 16Mb of memory

igor igor at
Thu Feb 5 03:00:05 PST 2004

System hangs when starting sysinstall :(

On system with 8Mb of memory, when starting /stand/sysinstall happens

There is piece of install.txt:


1.2 Hardware Requirements

FreeBSD for the i386 requires a 386 or better processor to run (sorry,

there is no support for 286 processors) and at least 5 megs of RAM to

install and 4 megs of RAM to run.


So, it must work on system with 16Mb of memory!

That's my configuration:

CPU i486DX4-100 on SIS motherboard

RAM 16Mb


no other devices installed

Anybody has such trouble?

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