rz ZMODEM functionality in freebsd's openssh like redhat9?

George S. French fuzor_silverbolt at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 4 20:07:39 PST 2004

Dear FreeBSD Questions List,

I decided to do the big switch over from Red Hat 9 to FreeBSD due to the 
short product lifetime of the RedHat products. I'm hopeing that FreeBSD 
versions have a long product lifetime.

Anyways, I wanted to know if it was possible to add rz Z-modem capabilities 
to FreeBSD's SSH server like RedHat 9 had. I am currenty using FreeBSD 4.9 
Stable and have installed lrzsz and zssh from the ports collection. On my 
desktop my SSH client is Vandyke Secure CRT.

When I execute lrz, Secure CRT opens the Zmodem transfer box asking for the 
file list be transferred as usual. I add the files to the list then click ok 
to send the files. Shortly afterwards Secure CRT shows an error message that 
says: "Zmodem transfer cancelled by the remote side."

I've been looking all over the internet for possible answers to this 
problem, but everything either points to installing zssh or kermit, which I 
am not interested in kermit.

Thank you for reviewing and considering my questions.

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