Looking for remote console access card that works with FreeBSD

Richard Coleman richardcoleman at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 4 18:19:09 PST 2004

I'm looking for a remote console card that will work with FreeBSD 5.2 or 
-current.  The machine is a Dell Poweredge 2450.

By remote console card, I'm referring to a PCI card that uses a separate 
network connection so that you can remotely access the equivalent of a 
serial console via a web browser or telnet/ssh session.  Essentially, I 
need to have remote access to single user mode on a collocated box.

I know that AMI makes such cards (MegaRAC G2), but I don't know if they 
will work with FreeBSD.  I checked the hardware compatibility list on 
the web site, but there was no mention of such cards.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Richard Coleman
richardcoleman at mindspring.com

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