xinerama setup on kde 3.1.4

Darryl N. Grant dngrant at
Wed Feb 4 14:21:56 PST 2004

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 13:17, Louis Munro wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm posting this here after trying the freebsd-x11mailing list as it didn't 
> produce the expected results. Hopefully someone among you will know more 
> about this than I...
> I'm trying to setup KDE to display in full xinerama on my new computer. I
>  have an nvidia GFX5600 which is capable of displaying on two monitors (I've
>  got it working with windows Xp) but I can't seems to get it right on
>  FreeBSD: X only displays on one monitor and just blanks out the other. So I
>  have a few questions:
> --Do I have to compile Xfree86 with some special arguments to enable
>  xinerama? I installed it from the cd (4.9 stable, world remade about a week
>  ago). --Does KDE 3.1.4 support xinerama? Do I have to do anything special to
>  enable it?
> --I haven't found all that much information about configuring xinerama. Have
>  I missed anything?
> I'm appending my XFree86config so you guys can tell me if it's something in
> there that's incorrect.

Have you tried multiple montior resolutions?  Do you have the nvidia
kernel module loaded?  I also do not see the TwinView Identifier in your
config.  I had to add that for mine.  If you are still having problems,
let me know.



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