using a separate drive for swap

Bjorn Eikeland bjorn at
Wed Feb 4 12:20:02 PST 2004

So you're adding a new drive to your box, wanting to
keep your old root and other partitions?

If so you should be able to just put a freebsd partition
and set up disklables b (swap) and c (the whole disk) on
the new drive and then add it to /etc/fstab as swap.
(This can be done in 'gui' in sysinstall under fdisk and disklabel - not 
the /etc/fstab edit though :)
If you dont want to do any rebooting you can use
swapon(8) I think.

You would moslikely want to only use the new drive for
swapp space as you dont have to share disk i/o with the
disk containing the os and your data.


Pa Wed, 4 Feb 2004 14:56:05 -0500, skrev David Banning 
<david+dated+1076356567.15d177 at>:
> I have been running out of swap space on my box.
> I had an old 6.4 drive around which I thought would be
> useful to add - just for swap - even if it's overkill.
> The installation wants a root mount point. Is that
> necessary? I even tried to put a limited / root of
> 61 meg just to make it happy but it still gave errors.
> Is there an easy way to do this?

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