verify md5 for /sbin/init (v1.7.2.3 2002/08/12 11:17:37 ) on FreeBSD Stable 4.9

Sergey 'DoubleF' Zaharchenko doublef at
Wed Feb 4 05:13:01 PST 2004

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004 07:21:39 -0500
"treeml" <treeml at> probably wrote:

> ident /mnt/sbin/init
> Gave out a long list of results, but at the end of the list, which is also
> the most recent is the following.  $FreeBSD:
> src/lib/libc/locale//ldpart.c,v1.7.2.3 2002/08/12 11:17:37 ache Exp $

I can't believe it's the most recent entry! I'm on 4.8-REL and my most
recent entry is

$FreeBSD: src/lib/libc/string/strerror.c,v 2003/01/17 13:39:32 mike Exp $

(I mean, more recent than yours). Try running

# ident /mnt/sbin/init | sort -k 4

and look at the bottommost entry instead of vgrepping through the
whole list. Then maybe that string will serve some purpose.


"I didn't know it was impossible when I did it."
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