verify md5 for /sbin/init (v1.7.2.3 2002/08/12 11:17:37 ) on FreeBSD Stable 4.9

Gilad Rom gilad_bsd at
Wed Feb 4 04:31:29 PST 2004

treeml wrote:
> My machine hangs at /sbin/init on boot, I just want to check if /sbin/init
> is corrupted or not.  I have FreeBSD 4.9 stable on PIII 866.
> Here is the md5
> MD5 (/mnt/sbin/init) = a7dc0528ae8a102c96f51dc516aa7f62
> ident /mnt/sbin/init
> Gave out a long list of results, but at the end of the list, which is also
> the most recent is the following.  $FreeBSD:
> src/lib/libc/locale//ldpart.c,v1.7.2.3 2002/08/12 11:17:37 ache Exp $
> If anyone out there can verifies the md5 sum of "/sbin/init" of the version
> listed above, that would be very helpful.

Here is mine:
MD5 (/sbin/init) = bdcf745dd758b38727ba97f24be471e5
and ident /sbin/init shows:
$FreeBSD: src/lib/libc/locale/ldpart.c,v 2002/08/12 11:17:37 
ache Exp $

This is from FreeBSD 4.9-RC1.

However, from a 4.9-STABLE box, I get
MD5 (/sbin/init) = 3ce17ad04b21e20b91204dd9867e8f80
and ident /sbin/init shows:
$FreeBSD: src/lib/libc/locale/ldpart.c,v 2003/12/22 20:45:16 jkh 
Exp $


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