PPC ver of freeBSD ? isent that the main body of os X

James buttle at sonic.net
Wed Feb 4 01:08:14 PST 2004

I know you must have better things to do to day then what your time on 
dumb email.
But would like to know Is or is not the basic system of OS x 10 .2.2 
FreeBSD ?
Why dos it seem to to take for ever to find an MAC os X port of some thing.
And Yes befor I sent my cheap PC the the PC graveyard I looked at 
FreeBSD ver 4.0 But cound not  whay it would not in stall.  I at the 
time thought it was eather FREEBSD to much work or that the PC's wher junk.
You would think with mainly one maker of PPC systems Apple you all know 
the mother bords like the back of your hand.  Sorey thouw I can't help 
in code this do to the last system I did programing on was OS/2.  I 
would be of no help in unix. I do  try to read up on FREEBSD  In the 
hope of one day  I may get   to see more of it On my MAC  G3. Sorey you 
can keep the PC's it takes to much time keeping the newer ones running. 
My friends sounds lke an jet on takeoff  and He spends more time 
thinking about heat then using it.
MY MAC on the outher hand  is lke this heat what is that I at time have 
to look to see if I left it on .
Thanks for your time.
P.S I will be whaitting for FREEBSD for the MAC

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