[5.2.1-RC, IPFW] Traffic Shaping

Bjorn Eikeland bjorn at eikeland.info
Tue Feb 3 14:33:16 PST 2004

There isnt much you can really do as to shape incomming traffic, however
you can limit how fast you accept the incomming data. (At least this is
what im used to from my little experience with linux.)

I tried* the following rule, and in theroy it sounds up to the job:
ipfw add pipe 1 tcp from not me to me smtp

*)when I say tried I really mean ipfw didnt complain, but no traffic
actually saw it.

Obviously you can replace 'me' with your actual ip and 'smtp' with 25, but
I find its easier to read english.

Feel free to try that though :)

> Hi all,
> I am using FreeBSD 5.2.1-RC + IPFW2 + DUMMYNET to do traffic shaping.
> This works well for my setup.
> I have the following configuration:
> The machine has 2 NIC's, xl0, dc0. The kernel is configured to do 
> bridging. The bridged
> packets is passed to IPFW (net.link.ether.bridge.ipfw=1).
> I shape traffic this way:
> The bridge is setup between a router and an internal mail server.
> I am limiting bandwith using the following rules:
> pipe 1 config bw 16KBytes/s
> pipe 2 config bw 12KBytes/s
> and then:
> add pipe 1 tcp from any to any 25  (limit incoming traffic towards smtp)
> add pipe 2 tcp from any 110 to any (limit outgoing traffic from pop3)
> Yesterday, while browsing through Absolute BSD by Michael Lucas I read 
> an interesting part:
> You cannot shape incoming traffic the way that I do at the moment.
> Now, my question:
> How can I limit the incoming traffic towards my smtp server properly?
> Any advice would be apreciated.
> Thank you,
> Regards
> Jaco van Tonder

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