Communication (Mail Gateway concept) with MS Exchange

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Tue Feb 3 08:25:23 PST 2004


I'm coming into this slightly late, but you can use fetchmail to 
hand-roll a solution or (I expect) to collect mail for IMGate. Fetchmail 
can collect from a POP3 mailbox and forward using SMTP (fetchmail 
keyword: smtphost) to an Exchange server on a private ip address on a 
LAN. To the Exchange server, it's as though it were the mail exchanger 
for the domain, fetchmail is transparent. So mail gets delivered to 
individual mailboxes as normal. You can also tell fetchmail not to add 
any headers, such as Received (keyword: set invisible).

If there is scanning in the system, fetchmail can respond rationally to 
most of the error messages generated.

This is a very quick and simple basic solution to the overall issue, but 
doesn't give you spam or virus scanning. You could set those up on the 
same gateway machine using a system that (like IMGate) wants to act as a 
forwarder, scanning and then sending on to another (defined) smtp server 
(your Exchange machine). There are lots of these about, including 
IMGate. From a glace at the IMGate website, I'd have thought you could 
install fetchmail without repercussions. If not, there are other 
scanning packages available. Exact choice depends whether you want to 
use a commercial or a free system.


Danny wrote:

>Thanks for the response.
>What about the POP3 component of my question - to be able to relay it properly to
>the right Exchange mailbox on the Exchange server?
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