Using bind9, instead of the default bind8

Shantanoo freebsd at
Tue Feb 3 02:53:39 PST 2004

+++ stan [freebsd] [30-01-04 14:31 -0500]:
| On Fri, Jan 30, 2004 at 04:52:12PM -0000, Edmund Craske wrote:
| > There's something wrong with the rc.conf stuff for named if you install the bind9 port over the base bind8 (by doing a make
| > -DPORT_REPLACES_BASE_BIND9 install clean in dns/bind9) because of differences in command line arguments. Of course, you could just
| > work it out and hash it together, or leave the base bind8 alone entirely and install bind9 as a separate port... It doesn't really
| > matter either way, just make sure you're executing the bind9 named instead of the bind8 one.
| > 
| Thnaks for the advice.
| I found the startup flags issue. it's as simple as not needing the "-g
| bind". Only the -u bind is allowd.
| I suppose I should make an effort to run this chrooted. Given that I did
| specify the DPORT_REPLACES_BASE_BIND9 optin, would the correct palce tp
| chroot be /etc/namedb?
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following is the line from /etc/defaults/rc.conf


Now in your rc.conf file change the path.


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