floppy install keeps failing.

Gary Kline kline at thought.org
Tue Feb 3 01:20:29 PST 2004


	A few weeks ago I ftp'd the following flopping of 5.2
	to due a network sysinstall of a new upgraded HP Kayak.

    53 -rw-r--r--  1 kline  wheel    53640 Jan  6 22:58 README.TXT
  1448 -rw-------  1 kline  wheel  1474560 Jan  6 22:53 drivers.flp
  1448 -rw-------  1 kline  wheel  1474560 Jan  6 22:55 fixit.flp
  1448 -rw-------  1 kline  wheel  1474560 Jan  6 22:50 kern.flp
  1448 -rw-------  1 kline  wheel  1474560 Jan  6 22:52 mfsroot.flp
  pf 0:52 <tao> [5118]                       

	I should mention that aside from my 4mm SCSI tape drive,
	I'm converting the Kayak to all-IDE.   I don't see how this
	could make any difference in my floppy/network install

	First, I insert kern.flp and boot.  What happens has never 
	happened before in the from-scratch floppy installs I've 
	done over the years.

	I finally see printed to the screen an error message concerning

	"error 16 lba 128
	"NO /boot/loader"

	this followed by the floppy attempt to find a kernel.  Something

	"Default 0(0,a)/kernel
	boot: error 16 lba 128"

	Note that prev. installs of RH-8.0 were done by CDROM, 
	and upgrded over the net.  tHis box will be my new DNS 
	server and will be loaded for bear!  ...Well, if i ever
	get 5.2 installed....

	Anybody have any clue where I've gon so terribly wrong!??

	thanks for any ideas,


   Gary Kline     kline at thought.org   www.thought.org     Public service Unix

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