portsdb -U fails

Kent Stewart kstewart at owt.com
Mon Feb 2 13:58:16 PST 2004

On Monday 02 February 2004 12:45 pm, r t g tan wrote:
> > Then why not quit banging you head on a wall and use "make index".
> > Your failure to adapt is spamming the list. Portsdb -U has not
> > produced totally clean INDEX runs since I can remember. Make index,
> > on the other hand, is currently producing clean makes.
> >
> > There are times when one doesn't work and the other does. You just
> > have to not refuse anything but ports/INDEX.
> >
> make index fails as well with a bunch of make_index: no entrie
> messages.
> I guess Ill leave it at this waiting for it to get fixed.

You must be not cvsuping everything. I just updated my ports and had no 
errors with make index. I log everything and I haven't had an error 
message from make index going back to 30 Jan. I recently deleted 
everything before that date. 

Many of these error will creep in if you don't cvsup ports-all. The 
reason you refuse ports/INDEX is that cvsup will recognize that you 
replaced INDEX and download an old copy. That takes time even over my 
100mps network. Since you are going to replace it by running make index 
or portsdb -U, you might as well save your bandwidth by refusing it.

FWIW, I use both methods. I prefer make index but there are times when 
it simply dies and portsdb -U will produce useful output. It may not be 
complete but I may see 10,000+ ports instead of the 300 that make index 
produced. It pays to be flexible here but there are days when nothing 
works and the only way is to manually update the port.

I track freebsd-ports and frequently see a message from Kris' script 
before my cron job port update complains or dies from the same 
reason(s). Frequently, these messages go away in a matter of hours. 
Sometimes some port committer deserves a pointy hat but that goes with 
the territory. Any day that you don't make a mistake on a computer is a 
day that you didn't try to learn anything new. The port committers just 
get to make their mistake(s) where the whole world can see and all they 
can do is grin about it :).


Kent Stewart
Richland, WA


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