Help!!! GPG (GnuPG) & PHP: system Safe Mode workarounds?

W. D. WD at
Mon Feb 2 13:24:34 PST 2004

Hi Folks,

I finally got GPG "portupgraded'--not the latest version, but it works.
It it works fine on the command line.  However, I am trying to 
send an encrypted email using PHP.

The problem is that PHP is in "safe mode" on the server, and
won't let me do something like any of these:

$msg = 'Stuff to encrypt"
$GPGdir = '/usr/local/bin/gpg';
$To = 'EmailAddresThatHasAPGPkey at';

$cmd = "echo $msg | $GPGdir -a --always-trust -e -r $To";

// This won't work:
$EncryptedMsg = `$cmd`;

// Nor this:
system($cmd, $EncryptedMsg);

// Ditto:
exec($cmd, $EncryptedMsg);

// More of the same:
$EncryptedMsg = shell_exec($cmd);


Surely, some FreeBSD gurus know how to get around this
restriction????  I am not the first person to have
this problem, am I?

Aaarrgh!  Please help!

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