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Mon Feb 2 11:06:21 PST 2004

Hello to the Free BSD Team,

We are a mexican e-commerce website and we sell computer products. We run
our server on a PIII Free-BSD. After two years of hard work,
our site receives now more traffic than (The site for
Office Depot in Mexico) and - TOGETHER. just included us in ther website as recommended e-store.
Whatch the banner linking to

We love FreeBSD. It saves us a lot of money and has allowed us, a family
operated company in the 3rd World,  to compete and cooperate with mayor
international corporations without the costs of other operating systems.

I was thinking if it would be possible for you to include my site in your
gallery at:

May be I can cooperate too, by redistributing or perhaps mirroring here in

Thank you so much.

Pablo A Rendón

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