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You understanding of the external modem process is deficient.

ns3# ps -aux
>>root 476 0.0 1.4 1232 832 ?? I 11:26AM 0:00.03 /usr/libexec/getty
>std.9600 ttyd0

This has nothing to do with your modem, but everything to do with
the Hylafax software application.
Since you said that your modem lights blink during boot you can
assume FBSD is connected to it through the PCs serial ports.
Change your subject to ask for help on  Hylafax setup and not modem

If the following instructions result on no connected message,
then check you PC bios and verify the com ports an enabled.

Determining if your External serial modem is connected to FBSD

FBSD has a program called 'tip'. This program talks directly to the
physical PC com ports and to the logical serial com ports, commonly
referred to as com1, com2, and com3, and com4. External modems use
com1 and com2 because there are only two com port nipples on the
back of the PC.

You are going to use the 'tip' command to test if FBSD can
communicate with your modem. This test will verify that FBSD can
connect to the external serial modem and also that it will respond
to the Hayes commands you will issue to it.

1. The 'tip comx' command uses the /etc/remote file for the
definition of comx. I have listed the whole group of comx statements
here so you can better find them in the /etc/remote file.

	# Finger friendly shortcuts

As you can see this file has not been updated to reflect the serial
port baud rate of the modern modems currently on the market. These
statements are configured for 9600 baud legacy modems which have not
been manufactured in 10 years. The serial port baud rate is the
speed that the serial port controller talks to the modem hardware.
It's not the speed the modem connects to the remote modem.

2. Change all the 9600 to 115200 which is the serial port baud rate
for 56K modems.

	ee /etc/remote    # and make it look like this

	# Finger friendly shortcuts

3. After saving your changes you are now ready to test your modem.
   On the command line enter

Tip comX     where X is the com port your external modem is on.
             chooses are com1 or com2

Connected    is displayed meaning 'tip' has made contact with the
external modem.

Type  AT     and then hit enter.  'AT' is the Hayes attention

'OK' is displayed.  This means the Hayes attention command was
received by
                    the modem and issued it's normal reply of 'OK'.
Your modem
                    configuration has passed the test and is

4. You now have to 'train' the modem to use 115200 as the internal
default baud speed. Enter the 'AT' Hayes command 10 times, you will
receive the 'OK' reply from the modem each time. This is an very
important step that has an very large impact on the performance of
your modems throughput, do not bypass this step.

5. Use  keyboard ~ key followed by . key to exit tip command.

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It also just hangs when it try to query the modem.

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On 2004/02/02 at 12:55 Peter Risdon wrote:

>Extech wrote:
>>Here is my plroblem in short.......
>>I'm using a external Rockwell 56K modem on Freebsd 5.1. When
starting up,
>the modem is quiried by freebsd (the DT light comes on just before
>Login prompt is displayed), if I do a ps -aux it seems if the modem
is up
>>ns3# ps -aux
>>root 476 0.0 1.4 1232 832 ?? I 11:26AM 0:00.03 /usr/libexec/getty
>std.9600 ttyd0
>>but when I run cu -lttyd0 the connection just hangs
>>ns3# cu -lttyd0
>>At this point I cannot do any thing and have to cancel cu out of a
>different session.
>>I also have the following messages in /var/log/message
>>Feb 2 11:25:52 ns3 kernel: unknown: <PNP0303> can't assign
>>Feb 2 11:25:52 ns3 kernel: unknown: <PNP0501> can't assign
>>Feb 2 11:25:52 ns3 kernel: unknown: <PNP0700> can't assign
>>Feb 2 11:25:52 ns3 kernel: unknown: <PNP0401> can't assign
>>Feb 2 11:25:52 ns3 kernel: unknown: <PNP0501> can't assign
>>I'm trying to setup the modem to use as a fax modem with Hylafax.
>What does the hylafax script faxaddmodem report when it tries to
set up
>the modem?

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