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Louis LeBlanc freebsd at
Mon Feb 2 08:43:42 PST 2004

On 02/02/04 10:27 AM, Matt Juszczak sat at the `puter and typed:
> Gary wrote:
> Gary,
> >Hi Matt,
> >
> >On Mon, 02 Feb 2004 10:20:09 -0500 UTC (2/2/2004, 9:20 AM -0600 UTC my
> >time), Matt Juszczak wrote:
> >
> >M> Does anyone know of a mail client that supports a true IMAP trash
> >M> folder?  Evolution doesn't, and so I use evolution on three different
> >M> machines and if I have deleted messages I have to check all three
> >M> machines sometimes to find it.
> >
> >There is no trash folder in the IMAP protocol itself.. Removing mail is a
> >two step process, first of deleting it, and second of purging the deleted
> >mail.
> >
> >  
> >
> I understand now.  Thanks.  So do you know of a mail client that 
> supports "Deleting Items" to a folder called "Trash" on the IMAP 
> server?  Right now I have evolution and if I delete mail it puts it into 
> a local trash folder, but I dont see an option to "Copy deleted mail to 
> folder <blah> on mail server" or something like that.

I use mutt with an imap server.  I've tied macros to specific keys
that save messages to INBOX.trash, which effectively deletes them from
the current folder.  I go to the .trash folder and use 'D' to clean it
out on a regular basis, sometimes finding one or two that I didn't
want to delete.  It requires folder hooks to change the underlying
behavior for the 'd', '^d' and 'D' keys based on the current folder,
but it works like a charm.

The mutt site documents how to do most of this, but if you like, I can
dig up my macros for you.

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