proxies and firewalls

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Friend Jorn

Are you saying you know of an proxy server that does the nat
Please point me to it.


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When one is connected to a proxy server, the proxy server makes a
to the outside world and transports the data to the computer who is
requesting that information. So the client computer won't make a
connection to the outside world, but it only connects to the proxy
server. In
there the administrator can give several rules to the proxy server
what to
allow/dissalow. For example you can disable that clients connect to
the MSN
port. If you use a proxy server your internal IP address will almost
be shown on sites that show your IP address rather then your true
external IP
address. Also, a proxy server caches files it collects from the net,
making it accessable faster.

NAT (Network Address Translator) does nothing more then translating
internal IP address to an external one. So there is a direct
connection to
the internet like that, and there is no caching done by the NAT
server NAT is
handy for home use, since you don't have to really tight up your
security as
you do with your company.

So if you got a big company then you should definitely use a proxy
server to
let your people connect to the outside world.



On Monday 02 February 2004 10:38, Hiren wrote:
> greetings all
> i often come across proxies and firewalls under the security
section of
> tutorials and guides, i have read that one can create proxies of
> internet service like ftp www etc.
> my question is what exactly is a proxy and how does it play a role
> security, why and how does it replace NATing, and how does it play
> role in security with regard to NAT. what services can be proxied,
is it
> worth having and general advice.
> thanks all
> Hiren.
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