True IMAP Trash Folder

Doug Poland doug at
Mon Feb 2 07:30:43 PST 2004

Matt Juszczak wrote:
>>> Does anyone know of a mail client that supports a true IMAP trash
>>> folder?  
>> There is no trash folder in the IMAP protocol itself.. Removing mail is a
>> two step process, first of deleting it, and second of purging the deleted
>> mail.
> I understand now.  Thanks.  So do you know of a mail client that 
> supports "Deleting Items" to a folder called "Trash" on the IMAP 
> server?  Right now I have evolution and if I delete mail it puts it into 
> a local trash folder, but I dont see an option to "Copy deleted mail to 
> folder <blah> on mail server" or something like that.
I believe the Mozilla mail client (perhaps Thunderbird too) does what
you want.


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