One of your employees are very rude.

Jason Stewart jstewart at
Mon Feb 2 06:32:14 PST 2004

FreeBSD is developed by a  group of volunteers. There are no employees. 

I would suggest that if you want help, try this list :). IRC can be a
little rough at times due to inflated egos and such. If you're not
on-topic and/or appear to be causing trouble to the OP, you *will* be
kicked. In your chat log you appeared a little bit rude. You didn't
have to remind the OP of what his channel's purpose is. If you were
asking a real newbie question, you'll get no other answer than RTFM,
trust me :)

If you're dead set on IRC, try #freebsd. There's some
nice people there who are more than willing to help.


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