diskless operation: swapfile setup

Rob nospam at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Feb 2 02:50:46 PST 2004


I had trouble to get the swapfile setup, as explained in the handbook
(chapter "diskless operation").

I failed and then decided to do it in a more manual fashion:

The diskless rc.conf has a line 'swapfile="/home/swapfile"', where home
is a read/write nfs filesystem from the server. This seems to work fine.
Of course on the server, I have created a /home/swapfile of 64 Mb. The good
thing is here, that no start-up script needs to know the size of this swapfile!

Now my question is:
Is my setup so much worse than the one suggested in the handbook, where
/etc/bootptab sets the two T128 and T129 variables (note that in this
case I need to tell /etc/bootptab the exact size of the swapfile via T129) ?

Any ideas?


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