Adding Packages and Ports

Roop Nanuwa roop at
Sun Feb 1 20:44:07 PST 2004

Krikket wrote:

>Err...  Excuse me while I'm a little bull-headed here, and attempting to
>adjust from the linux world.  The reason I was thinking of using the -r
>option is because it pulls from the ftp site.
It does. You should realize though that what you pull from the FTP site 
is no different/newer
than what would be on the 4.9 release CD. It also isn't any different 
that the version you
would install via the ports tree.

>Please correct me if I'm wrong, but the various versions of freeBSD (3.x,
>4.x, and 5.x) are still being worked.  Needless to say, 5.x is the
>bleeding edge, but 4.x hasn't been left to go stale.  (Or else how would
>security patches get done, when needed?)
4.9-RELEASE is actually only a couple of weeks old, so hardly 'stale' by 
any stretch of the imagination.

>Therefore, the thought was to get the latest and greatest from the
>net.  No, it's not as bleeding edge as the 5.2 stuff, but if a patch was
>done since the 4.9 iso's were made, it would be a good idea to have that
>on hand.  So I thought it would be a good thing to use -r as a default
>option.  Or am I just using an incorrect line of thinking, due to the flux
>that I got used to (and wish to avoid) from when I was dealing with the
>Linux world?
I think you're confusing the differences between third party package 
versions, FreeBSD versions
and what is bleeding edge or not.

You can update your ports tree via cvsup (read the handbook for a guide) 
and after that your ports
tree will contain all the latest available versions of different 
software. Whether you're running 4.9 or
5.2, when you update to the latest version of the ports tree it's the 
same either way.

>So, given that I should have the ports installed from my initial install
>phase, all I have to do is the make install clean?  Too cool.  Thank you
>for the pointer!
Yep, that's right. Keep in mind, though, that most of the ports probably 
have newer versions out
by now though. So you might want to look into the cvsup I mentioned 
above so that when you
make install clean, it's not installing an 'old' version of that port.


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