Cvsup and RELENG_4 or RLENG_4_9

Bob Collins bobc at
Sun Feb 1 12:56:58 PST 2004

I have read through the keeping current section of the book a few times
and I am a bit lost. If I read correctly, to upgrade source(I am running
RELEASE-4.9) I can use either RELENG_4 or RELENG_4_9. Although I am not
sure if I need one, the other, or both. And if both, which order, if it

Further reading indicates that cvsuping with RLENEG_4_9 will update only
critical items. Again, if I am reading this correctly, should I then
cvsup both so I have all the sources corrected, or is RELENG_4_9 enough
for a production machine?

Thanks for your patience with this. I have also searched a bit about it
and I am on the right track, I just think I need some clarification as
to which one is `best' for a production machine.

FWIW, this will be for a dual processed server.


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