5.2 Release and issues

Micheal Patterson micheal at tsgincorporated.com
Sun Feb 1 00:50:35 PST 2004

I went to install 5.2 tonight on a system that had 4.9 running flawlessly on
it. I newfs'd the system, installed from cd and after configuring the
interfaces, all was fine. Until I went to access the net. Throughput was
horrible. 30 - 40 seconds for a telnet echo to reply after a keypress on an
3c509 nic (ep driver), then after recompiling kernel to add ipdivert, it
simply went into a panic / reboot cycle with no alternative but to reinstall
again. Single user mode, safe mode, and disabling acpi boot up's showed the
same symptoms. The system is an amd k62 500 with 128mb ram with an ide
drive. 1 x 3c509 nic and 1 x 3c905 nic. Are there known issues with the ep
driver that I've been unable to locate yet? I put 4.9 back onto the system
and all is well. Anyone else having any similar problems with 5.2?


Micheal Patterson
Network Administration
TSG Incorporated

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