apparent change in php4 port build procedure...

Bruce Campbell bruce at
Tue Dec 21 07:46:54 PST 2004

I'm upgrading to mod_php4-4.3.10

In the past, the make procedure presented me with a detailed
menu of options.  Now, it appears to just ask me these questions 3:

 - apache 1 vs 2
 - debug
 - ipv6

and not all the other stuff like mysql, imap, and so forth.

I can easily add the configure args I want to /usr/ports/lang/php4/Makefile, like

                --with-mysql=/usr/local \
                --with-layout=GNU \
                --with-config-file-scan-dir=${PREFIX}/etc/php \
                --with-zlib-dir=/usr \
                --with-regex=php \
                --enable-ftp \

But I liked the old menu system, as it saved me figuring out
the configure args.  Was there a reason to move away from that,
or is there a new mechanism I am not aware of ?


Bruce Campbell
Engineering Computing
University of Waterloo
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