bge (BCM5751) maxes out at 620Mb/s TX?

Aleksandr Milewski n6mod at
Thu Dec 16 11:24:09 PST 2004

I sent this earlier in the week to freebsd-net and got silence, so I'll 
try it here. The system is 5.3 RELEASE save for brgphy.c, brgphyreg.h, 
and miidevs, which were needed to get the 5751 to work at 1000BaseTX at all.


Having pulled in some updates from HEAD to get the BCM5751 working, I am
now stuck at a maximum transmit rate of about 620Mb/s.

Receive works fine, I can receive at about 950Mb/s, but transmit seems
limited. Same hardware (same box) under Linux does 950Mb/s each way, no

This is with iperf, or a simple UDP blaster tool. Also, running iperf
across the box with or without dummynet suffers the same limitation.

What am I doing wrong?


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