php4 install has conflicts

Ian Moore imoore at
Wed Dec 15 17:21:17 PST 2004

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 06:45, Noah wrote:
> > I could be wrong about this, but I don't believe you need to
> > reinstall those ports. Just force delete all old versions of mod-
> > php4 and then install the new version of php4 or mod-php4 (whichever
> > one you actually want). The other ports shouldn't need to be
> > reinstalled, because the new version of php installs to the same
> > location as the old version. Hence the ports that use it will just
> > use the new version automatically. You may also want to clean up the
> > duplicate gallery versions by using pkg_delete -f to remove both
> > versions and then install just the latest version of gallery.
> >
> > To avoid this problem in the future, always use portupgrade to
> > upgrade your ports. That way you won't get multiple versions installed!
> okay thank you,
> do you know of a command that can show me all the ports that are installed
> on my machine?  is there a nice tutorial that explains how to use the ports
> efficiently and safetly?
> cheers, 
> Noah
pkg_info will show you all the packages installed on your machine, portversion 
will do this too & show you wether they are up to date or not (assuming you 
have cvsuped your ports collection). portversion -vL= will show you which 
ones are not up to date.
There is an excellent turorial on portupgrade from Dr. Dru Lavigne at
She has lot's of great articles in her FreeBSD basics series, the Big Scary 
Deamons articles are great too (also at

> also how do I upgrade and/or install php4?
> --- snip ---
> # portupgrade php4
> ** No such package 'php4' is installed.
> # portinstall php4
> ** No such installed package nor such port called 'php4' is found.
> --- snip ---

That's where you need to use portupgrade -N php4-4.3.9_1  (-N means install a 
new port) or you can just cd to the php4 port directory and use make install 
clean to install it.

Hope that helps.

Ian Moore

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