need help with libchk

Steven Friedrich FreeBSD at
Mon Dec 13 12:45:45 PST 2004

I've been tracking stable and current on a couple machines and doing 

I noticed that super karamba started acting screwy, so I somehow stumbled 
across libchk and I ran it and I believe it said something about super 
karamba having an unresolvable link, so I de/reinstalled superkaramba and it 
mostly works (still having trouble with liquid calendar and liquid weather).

I noticed many other unresolvable links, many indicting firefox (which crashes 
on my machine).

So I tried to use libchk /usr/X11R6/lib/firefox
so it would check in that directory as well.  This doesn't seem to work 
because the links are still reported.  However, if I add that directory to 
rc.conf to the ldconfig_path (whatever), the libchk report no longer contains 
the firefox anomalies.  Am I using libchk wrong when I try to add a directory 
to it on the command line?

And when libchk runs, it reports the directories that it will search, and the 
directory I added to rc.conf doesn't get reported but does seem to get used 
(since the errors disappear from the report).

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