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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Thu Dec 9 06:54:33 PST 2004

> Hi!
> I need help concerning free-bsd literature:
> Two books seem to be interesting ("the complete freebsd", 
> "absolute bsd") but although I had a look at both I'm not quite 
> sure which one to buy.
> What I want is a deep bsd-specific guide covering mostly freebsd related topic
> such as the kernel, system administration and of
> course as much networking as possible.
> I want to avoid paying for a 100-pages introduction to c-shell or
> bash (with wich I'm now familiar with) or a man-page like overview
> of the basic unix commands (ls and cd are under control now!).
> So which one of the two books would you recommend.
> If both are ok: what's the difference?

Both are good.  The Complete FreeBSD is probably more detailed
and Absolute more conversational.    You might also want to
consider FreeBSD Unleashed by Michael Urban and Brian Tiemann.
It takes a fairly practical approach to installing and administering.


> Thanks a lot
> Florian

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